Peering through the frame stranger looks back. The eyes. They tell me nothing of what goes on underneath. Nothing is betrayed of their intentions. I am Hale. And the Hayes is lifted my purposes remember . I go through my checklist. Not sure myself at all I’ll pass have been completed. I look down at the client I can tell my work is complete
wasting no more time I exit the back door and into halfway  and into the backyard. The high bushes on either side of the yard what conceal my exit. I totally left through the gate meeting to through a pass between 2 houses and came to my car which was parked in front on the road. When working in a suburb it pays more to move slowly and unsuspiciously. In suburbs people are out walking alone or with their dogs so foot traffic is not as memorable. I move naturally into the driver seat the car and started up slowly . It was always a test Kanata mean it leak throw the garden here and put my foot distance between myself and  my work. I had to leave but I existed or should cyst in this scene and taking that mindset I would act less noticeable. I did not meet anybody on my drive out of the neighborhood it brought small relief but I always lived on the bus station paranoia that someone was watching my every move taking careful note document saying buy a camera. But this was my job. Go acting this way did not pay me it allowed me to continue doing what did pay the bills.